Florencia's Story

Born and raised in Argentina, Flor graduated with a degree in strategic communications and quickly embarked in politics. She worked with the Argentinean Parliament to develop the country’s first online political campaign, and helped spearhead the revitalization of a devalued urban area into Buenos Aires’ most exclusive, award-winning neighborhood.

As Flor began to question her greater purpose in her mid-20s, she left politics and Buenos Aires to pursue creative entrepreneurship and to determine how to best contribute to the world. While living in Europe, she built a holistic tutoring company in the UK, where she helped the second-generation of successful families to become conscious leaders. She conceptualized an online learning platform for doctors to share specialized knowledge remotely. She set up collaborative marketing initiatives She was part of an international team that built Fuse Universal, a program to foster digital literacy, and entrepreneurial skills to hundreds of thousands of students in Africa. 

Concurrently, she immersed herself in the study of ancient healing traditions. From the jungles of South America and Latin America, she dove into Shamanism to expand her consciousness with he use of entheogenic medicines like Ayahuasca. In India, she explored the 5,000-year-old system known as Ayurveda and the Hinduic practice of Tantra. She learned efficiency from the Germans; vanguardism from the English and open-mindedness from the Scandinavians. 

The journeys helped her to tap into the wisdom of Nature, the power of her own feelings, and to revive her sense of spirituality and faith. She studied Divination and craft from West Africa and trained as a Mother Priestess of IFA Divination System to acquire the wisdom and techniques to serve the most potent natural neurotransmitter and consciousness expander in the world, 5-MeO-DMT, aka the God Molecule.

Over the past decade, Flor has introduced the feminine approach to serving psychoactive medicines in the Shamanic world, a historically male-centric space, and lately she’s made her techniques and philosophies the cornerstone of the transformative medicine company, NANA. 

In a time of near-unprecedented human suffering, Flor founded the company as the embodiment of her dual missions – to empower individuals to become their fullest selves and to elevate females as medicine women. 

Think of NANA as both a community, where members are supported by peers and a network of expert female coaches, and as a proprietary healthcare protocol crafted to empower members to become their own healers. NANA provides members and medical professionals the framework and guidance for the safe preparation, administration and integration of legal psychoactive medicines as well as a personalized road map for full life transformation. 

In addition to her role at NANA, Flor continues to collaborate with leaders at various companies and agencies around the world, helping them to set up empowerment vehicles both for industry and society, with the premise of her spiritual work at their core. 

Flor Specializes in performing ceremonies with the help of Psychedelic substances

The God Molecule, also known as 5-MeO-DMT, is the most powerful consciousness expander and neurotransmitter in the world. It’s a naturally occurring entheogen molecule present in all living beings, including the Bufo Alvarius toad. 

This very special molecule activates itself in specific states like birth, death, and dreaming. It breaks down the chemical inhibitors that the human mind uses to prevent a continuous state of complete awareness and consciousness, aka enlightenment. 


In our daily life we need these chemical filters in order to be able to function. During the God Molecule experience, the lack of chemical inhibitors causes the ego to dissipate and duality to dissolve, triggering a state of full self-realization. It’s a fast track to the deepest states of transcendental meditation – with Delta brain waves at 0.5-4Hz – and access to the Superconscious.

The experience

It’s common for those who undergo the God Molecule experience to report profound changes in ontological perspectives, as well as a strong sense of self, increased awareness and an expanded state of consciousness. Many attest to experiencing the void, feeling remarkable elevations in mood, and finding unseen senses of calm and peace of mind. Some experience full-body orgasms and the activation of sexual energy along the spinal cord. The experience has proven effective at helping people quit even the most stubborn addictions, inciting powerful emotional releases, and sparking mystical and transcendental experiences.

“No words can describe how much positivity I have gained in this experience. Of everything that happened while I was there [in treatment], the 15-minute session I had changed my life.”

Molecule Extraction

Native to the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, the Bufo Alvarius toad creates a self-defense venom, known as Bufotenine, in the glands on each side of its head and legs.This substance is extracted without harming the animal, and set out to dry. No synthetic processes are required to extract this natural and most potent compound.


With a gentle progressive-dosing method — assessing the individual at intervals — we start with a small dose before proceeding to the next level. This results in a gradual opening, which makes it conducive to a deeper and more sophisticated healing experience. The primary effects last approximately 5-20 minutes when smoked.